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The purpose of the competition
  • popularisation of mountain biking and cycling tourism in Poland.
  • promotion of regional, supra-regional and international tourist routes and places.
  • selection of the best competitors in the international, stage MTB marathon.
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle, active leisure and recreation.
The name of the event
The organiser
G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko,
Wspólna 18 Street,
05-092 Łomianki, Poland
Official web page:
Bank account information:
Beneficiary account: PL 47 1020 1026 0000 1002 0645 1167
Beneficiary bank name: Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski SA
Beneficiary bank code: BPKOPLPW
The time of the event
June 20 – June 23, 2024
The race consists of 4 stages. The competition will run on the following distances: Classic (long) and Adventure (medium, about 60-70% od long distance) with a separate classification. 

Terms and conditions of participation
The STREFA MTB Trophy participant will be a person who meets the following conditions:
  • complete the application form published on the website:
  • completing the application form (either electronically or in writing), the participant accepts the following clauses:
    • By signing up for the competition, a participant accepts the regulations of the event and agrees to use, free of charge, his image recorded in the form of a photograph or video recording and grants the Organiser a free licence to use it in all fields of exploitation, including: recording and distribution in any form and storing it in the computer memory, using it to promote and conduct the Organiser's events, making it available to sponsors and partners of events in order to promote them in the context of participation in the event, placing and publishing it in the Organiser's publications, on the Organiser's promotional printed materials, in the press, on websites, as well as in television and radio broadcasts. The Participant also agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of the organization and promotion of events and acknowledges that he has the right to inspect the content of his data and correct them, these data will be kept in a safe place, will not be sold to third parties or any organizations. By registering for the event, the competitor declares that he agrees to provide first aid, other medical treatment and transport of the injured party to a safe place, medical and paramedical personnel acting on behalf of the organizer. The participant acknowledges that participation in the sporting event involves physical effort and entails a natural risk of accident, personal injury and physical injury (including death), as well as damage and loss of property. Furthermore, participation in the competition may involve other risk factors that are impossible to predict at the moment. Signing the declaration of knowledge of the regulations means that the Participant has considered and assessed the scope and nature of the risk associated with participation in the event, starts voluntarily and exclusively on his own responsibility.
    • I agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes of the STREFA MTB Trophy event organized by G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko. The administrator of personal data is the company G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko with headquarters in Łomianki 05-092 at Wspólna 18 Street. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 as amended). I have the right to inspect my data, correct or delete them.
voluntary declaration - I agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes of marketing activities undertaken by G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko with headquarters in Łomianki (05-092) at Wspólna 18 Street in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 as amended).
  • a participant will make the participation fee in accordance with the selected participation package in the time specified in the regulations (preferred fees through online banks). The original proof of the entry fee (in justified cases) should be kept for inspection in the Competition Office.
  • a participant will sign a statement of no medical contraindications to participate in the event.
The right to participate in STREFA MTB Trophy is open to persons over 18 years of age.
Each participant is obliged to wear a rigid helmet.

Classifications and age categories
The event is held in the formula of individual driving over distances Classic, Adventure and Lite in categories:
  • Men Cat. M2: 18-29 years old, Women Cat. K2: 18-29 years old
  • Men Cat. M3: 30-39 years old, Women Cat. K3: 30-39 years old
  • Men Cat. M4: 40-49 years old, Women Cat. K4: 40-49 years old
  • Men Kat. M5: 50-59 years old, Women Kat. K5: 50-59 years old
  • Men Kat. M6: over 60 years old, Women Kat. K6: over 60 years old
The condition for classification in particular categories is to classify min. 10 men and min. 5 women. Otherwise, participants from the older category will be classified in the younger category.

Team Classification
The classification will take into account the sum of the times achieved by 3 competitors (the time counted in the open classification of each stage and the open classification after the completion of all stages). A necessary condition to include a team in the TEAM classification is the participation of 3 competitors at the same distance during the entire event. Withdrawal of a competitor from the team during the event is tantamount to withdrawal of the team. The TEAM classification will be carried out at Classic, Adventure distance.
 Districts in categories:
  • Man (3 men)
  • Mix (at least one woman)
The composition of the team should be established by 15.06.2024 and sent to:
Rules of the race
The STREFA MTB Trophy stage race will be held in accordance with these regulations. In all disputable matters, not included in the regulations will be decided by the Referee Commission in consultation with the Organizer of the event.
The entry limit is 600 competitors (CLASSIC, ADVENTURE distance together).
The winners in particular categories in the general classification will be the competitors and teams who will cover the route of 4 stages of STREFA MTB Trophy in the shortest total time.
The winners of each stage will be the competitors and teams who will complete the route of the stage in the shortest time.
Lack of or damage to the starting number preventing the judges from reading it will result in disqualification.
Only mountain bikes in good technical condition will be allowed to start in the race. The competitor is responsible for the condition of the bicycle during the race.
During the race, the STREFA MTB Trophy doctor reserves the right to withdraw a participant who is physically incapable of continuing the race.
The start line will remain open for 10 minutes after the start signal. Competitors who start later will not be included in the results of the stage and do not qualify as final competitors.
At the start of stages 2-4 the competitors will be placed according to the places in the Open classification:
  • 1 sector: places 1 - 30, additional leaders of particular categories
  • Sector 2: Seats 31 to 60,
  • Sector 3: Seats above 61.
The entry limit to the finish line of the stages is 7 hours.
Competitors outside the time limit may continue the race, but will not be taken into account in the classifications. In exceptional situations, the Organizer allows the possibility to classify a competitor who does not meet the time limit after submitting an appropriate argumentation.
Stage winners must be present at the award ceremony. The winners will be decorated at 5:00 pm at the end of each stage. For absence from the podium there will be time penalties: first absence of 3 minutes, each subsequent absence of 5 minutes.
The route will be marked, permanently secured by judges and paramedics.
There will be checkpoints on the route. Avoidance of at least one checkpoint will be punished with disqualification.
On the route of the STREFA MTB Trophy stages there will be food points.
All possible repairs of equipment and other situations requiring the competitors to stop must take place within the visibility of the trail in a way that does not hinder other competitors from driving.
At each stage of the stages, the best 3 athletes in each age category will be awarded sports trophies or prizes in kind. The three best teams will be awarded sports trophies.
In the general classification of STREFA MTB Trophy 3 best athletes in each age category and 3 best teams will be awarded sports trophies, prizes or cash.
All award-winning athletes and teams are required to attend the decoration ceremony at the end of each stage and during the final decoration ceremony.
The Referee Commission in consultation with the Organizer may award the following penalties:
  • Reprimand.
  • Time penalty
  • Disqualification.
The team may be punished by the Organiser in particular for:
  • littering / rubbish (outside a special zone of 200 m behind each regeneration buffet),
  • disregard for the environment,
  • equipment shortages that affects driving safety,
  • a lack of fair play,
  • unsportsmanlike behavior,
  • pushing or dragging a contestant through a third party,
  • traffic violations,
In case of disqualification, the organizer will not return the entry fee.
Withdrawal of a competitor during the race
Competitors withdrawing from the competition during the STREFA MTB Trophy regardless of the reason for withdrawal, are obliged to inform the organiser immediately before or after the start of the stage.
If a competitor withdraws during a stage, this fact must be reported by calling the emergency telephone number given by the organiser in order to avoid the start of the rescue operation.
If as the effect of not informing the organizer of the withdrawal from the race, will be rescue - search action, all costs of the action shall be covered by the competitor sought.
In special cases, bearing in mind the welfare of the competitors, the Organizer, in consultation with the race doctor, has the right to withdraw the team from the competition.
Suggested equipment for the competitor
  • at least two liters of fluid,
  • energy bars or gels,
  • basic tools for repairing a bicycle,
  • a spare inner tube,
  • pump.
Recommended equipment of the competitor
STREFA MTB Trophy is a stage race in which the participants follow a pre-determined route. Each participant should have a kilometre counter, a GPS navigation device and a working mobile phone.
STREFA MTB Trophy will take place in open traffic.
The right-hand traffic is valid in Poland. All competitors on dirt roads and public roads should move on the right side of the road and absolutely obey the rules of Road Traffic.
Competitors must take special care with regard to the possibility of vehicles leaving fields, forest roads or individual buildings.
The Organizer is not responsible for any collisions and accidents on the route caused by the participant's fault.
Protests to the Main Judge of the competition may be submitted in writing during the duration of the competition. The protest must be accompanied by a deposit of 100 PLN. The deposit will not be refunded unless the Main Judge, in consultation with the Organizer, agrees with the protestor. The final decision will be made by the Main Judge.
Additional information
The Organizer is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the participants' travel to the competition and return from it.
Each participant takes part in the competition at their own risk.
The Organizer shall not be held financially responsible for items lost during the competition.
Lack of knowledge of the regulations will not be considered as an explanation.
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in connection with the occurrence of natural disasters or other events considered as "force majeure".
All competitors are asked not to clutter the marathon route and to take special care of the natural environment.
In case of resignation from participation in the event, the Organizer does not pay back the entry fee.
By completing and signing the registration form, the STREFA MTB Trophy participant accepts the terms of these Terms and Conditions and agrees to the processing of his/her personal data.
The Organizer and the Main Judge reserve the right to interpret these regulations and to change them.

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