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Zero-logistics stage race

We all love stage races. Going new places, meeting new people, new cultures, racing for a few days and simply being lost to the world. It is one of the coolest ways to spend your free time.


But doing a stage race can also be a P.I.T.A. Changing host towns means constant packing, unpacking, dropping bags, waiting for the transport, checking in a hotel, getting used to a new bed, checking the time and place of start, counting time needed for preparation for the next day (varies depending on how far away from the race village you stay). The list of must-dos goes on and on. The organizers (count us in) do what they can to lead riders through the race as comfortably as possible. However, there’s a certain deadline, that cannot be crossed in cutting the logistics down. Or can it?


When we started Beskidy MTB Trophy we had the idea of “zero logistics race” which assumed minimizing all the above mentioned inconveniences. The key was to find a spot that has the potential of hosting the riders for 4 days in a row (so there would be no need for traveling between stages) and offer them top quality trails, good accommodation and accessibility from different parts of the world.


And guess what – we have found this place. Istebna is a village placed in a Polish-Czech-Slovak tripoint in Beskids – beautiful and still wild mountain range in Central-Eastern Europe, which gives us vast opportunities in planning an exceptional route. By saying “wild” we don’t necessary mean, that you stay in the middle of nowhere. Beskids are popular, but not crowded, touristic area, so there is a wide offer of accommodation possibilities. Getting to Istebna also isn’t a problem as newly built roads will bring you here safe and sound. Proximity of international airports (Katowice and Kraków) means that virtually every mountain biker in the world can take part in Beskidy MTB Trophy (we can organize a transfer from the airport to the race venue and back).


So our “zero-logistics logic” means that you stay, race, eat and sleep in one spot. No need to pack and unpack day by day. It is also a possibility to get to know the place better, “immerse” in the unique Beskidy MTB Trophy atmosphere and lose yourself in the adventure which we and Beskids prepare for You.