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Where & When

Date Thursday, 20.06.2019
Start Time distance Classic

Start Time distance LITE

Distance Classic

Distance LITE
62 km

45 km
Ascent distance Classic

Ascent distance LITE
2530 m

1725 m
Track GPS distance Classic

Track GPS distance LITE
GPX file - E1ClassicMtbt2019

GPX file - E1LiteMtbt2019
Highest Point

Highest Point
1254 m above the sea level

1107 m above the sea level
Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆
Stage Description Our understanding of warm-up stage means a lot of solid climbs. Ride to Wisła Malinka is a foretaste of the Bieskid stage race. The highlights of LITE distance are beautiful and unique sections on Smerekowiec and Jawierzne as well as ride through Malinów. After this a wonderful discovery of 2018 edition - a really demanding single track around Zielony Kopiec. For Classic distance riders the first stage will be marked mainly by monumental views from the Skrzyczne mountain top. After reaching the top of Skrzyczne, a very fast downhill section to Lipowa, followed by a long and strenuous climb to Kościelec, where two distances will meet. 

Feed stations distance Classic

Feed stations distance 


1. 22 km   2. 36 km  3. 53 km

1. 22 km   2. 36 km

Location: START/FINISH line (Istebna Sport Stadium) Google Maps