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Stage 2: Queen Rysianka never lets down

Today’s stage must have been pretty frightening for riders - not only because of the distance and elevation. The weather also put in its pennyworth. Dark clouds, thick showers and most of all - forecasted violent storms was one of the hottest topics in the race village.


A fragment from Istebna to Koniaków, despite being full of steep, rolling hills didn’t encourage riders to attack in initial kilometers. Milan Damek tried to break away, but was marked by the head group pretty well. Everybody knew what was waiting for the riders in the following kilometers and next stages, so no one took a risk of launching a strong attack.



Yesterday’s hectic stage took it’s toll. Everybody was feeling a bit sore and knew what’s ahead of us, so the whole group tried to keep it steady. Unfortunately 3 flat tires eliminated me from today’s competition. It did, however, turn the spotlight to another, very bright aspect of Beskidy MTB Trophy. I was really surprised by the level of helpfulness of other competitors. Not only I received 2 spare tubes (I only had one by me), but the riders also helped me to fix my problem and get back on track! What’s more, I didn’t even had to ask for help! This is really encouraging. This race is exceptional - not only the trails are great, but above all - the people taking part in it! I’d like to thank everybody for being so kind and helpful”  said Michał Bogdziewicz (Apteka Gemini Team)


Michał Urbaniak (Colex Racing Team) was the first rider to reach the bottom of the most difficult, but at the same time the most fun and captivating segment: descent from Rysianka to Hala Boracza. He was chased by a group of 4 riders, including yesterday’s winner - Mathias Frohn and Milan Damek. The latter took the win today in a very close battle against Frohn - after over 4 hours of racing the riders were split by only 1.5 seconds! The time difference was even smaller between the 3d and 4th rider: Frenchman Sebastian Pele (ACV Team) outsprinted Michał Urbaniak by only 0.2s! Mathias Frohn remains the GC leader.



The “First Lady” of today’s stage - Sandy Trautmann (Scott Bike24 Team) needed 5:14:47 to cross the finish line. Second today Polish Anna Świrkowicz ( arrived less than 2 minutes after the German rider, and after one more minute we met the third fastest woman - Hilde Verschaeve (Zweities) from Germany. The competition in women’s category is really close - the split between the first Trautmann and second Verschaeve is only 3 seconds!


Jan Statsny (Alset Racing Team) took a second stage win on the MEGA distance. This one didn’t come easily. He could feel the breath of Roland Markworth’s (DDMC Solling e.V.) who crossed the finish line only 25 seconds after the victor. The podium was completed by Pole Tomasz Jaworski (Baltic Home Świnoujście). Katarzyna Galewicz was the fastest lady on the shorter distance. She outrivaled second Zofia Czyż (IBOX Mała Liga Cycling Team) and third Paula Hinczewska (7r Logistic Politechnika Gdańska). Both Statsny and Galewicz lead the GCs on the shorter distance!