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Routes of Beskidy MTB Trophy



Description 2020 (2021 edition details coming soon)
Fewer miles for a warm-up. 25km and 960 vertical metres LITE and Classic for a slightly lighter "entry" into the race. "Lighter" in our edition certainly does not mean cliché or dull. The formula of the route made it possible to conclude new sections for the first time. The diversified blue trail to Głębiece from the Łączecko Pass and the boiling leg, green trail that will lead you back to the Wielki Stożek (Big Cone) is a complete new initiative. The classic sections, which will be repeated also in the last stage, are the drive from Istebna to Stożek and the technical and demanding single through Kiczory. We decided, therefore, that it will be a perfect tie for the 4 days of racing in the Beskidy Mountains.
Classic & Lite distance

Following the footsteps of Gary Fischer


Description 2020 (2021 edition details coming soon)
Return to the route of the MTB Marathon in Istebna from 2006. These places have not been visited by "Trophy" for years. Beautiful views of the Polish-Slovak borderland and several unusual sections. The Classic distance with the drive up to Kiczory and the red trail down to the Łączecko Pass is only one of the specific attractions of the day. Configuration of the route is designed to provide the right amount of adrenaline without ruining the strength on the day before the royal stage to Rysianka.
Dystans Classic

Dystans Lite
A classic in itself

Description 2020 (2021 edition details coming soon)
Rysianka - a classic in itself. For years we have been doing everything in our power to limit the access roads and asphalts on this section. The Classic distance was largely achieved thanks to the return to the refreshed extension of the single blue trail leading to Rysianka and the long, spectacular descent from Hala Lipowska to Hala Boracza. This year both distances again drive on the yellow trail to Zapolanka. There they split and the LITE distance is headed for the proven, solid section of the "shortcut" to Hala Boracza. Afterwards, the demanding mountain road leads through the Beskidy mountain pastures together with the Classic distance.

Distance Classic 

Distance Lite
Beskidy MTB Trophy in a nutshell


Description 2020 (2021 edition details coming soon)
Czantoria - Few kilometers, but a lot of emotions. Who knows, knows. Who does not know, has to try. For this stage it is worth to finish the previous days of the struggle in one piece. Brake pads and tread on the tyre will also be useful. Demanding and climatic climbing, divided by sequences of the best fast and technical singles from the borderland of Poland and the Czech Republic. Yellow trail from the Wielki Stożek, red trail to Nydek, red trail to the Czech Republic from the top of Czantoria, Rycerska trail, downhill on the red trail from the top of Czantoria, downhill on the green trail to Kolibsk, and for dessert... the royal uphill and downhill on the yellow trail leading through Kiczory. The last meters before the finish line are, just like in 2018, cult "roots". After this stage the "Finisher" t-shirt will taste exceptional.
We guarantee it!!!

Distance Classic

Distance Lite
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