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It’s a wild thing

People need new challenges. That is the way it is. Even if we consider something as hobby (which has an immanent value) repeating the same scheme is tiring. For example – if you happen to be a mountain biker (and if you are reading this, there is a strong possibility you are one) training on the same loop, doing the same race or even riding with the same people can lead to a kind of burn out. That is the point at which you start to seek for something new, extraordinary, exciting. Maybe something that appeals to the wild side of your soul.


Doing a stage MTB stage race may be a very good stimulus to keep your inner fire lit. Racing for a few days in a row, in a new place, with new people around can be an exceptional event for a wide group of mountain biking enthusiasts. The thing is, that many races in Europe are in some ways similar to each other: they are played out in the area where the “human pressure” is evident. The touristic and bike trails are very much regulated – relatively easy to cover for an intermediate biker. Naturally, the elevation, steepness do their job and make things hard. However, it is sometimes simply not enough and after a few times boredom starts to sneak in again.


There is good news, though. Some bike races give you more than others. Doing them can be a real challenge for every type of mountain biker– no matter if you are a World Champion or an adventure seeker. Beskidy MTB Trophy belongs to this kind.

Why do we think so? Take all the things that you know from other races then add virgin nature, untouched by the hand of man and trails that have never been ridden before. Some of them are literally set by us before the race – obviously with the respect for nature. Next, spice things up with mad, rocky downhills that every DH World Cup venue would be proud of and technical singletracks in places that you would never consider reachable via bike. Finish everything with the icing made of killer climbs that wear riders out not only with their steepness or distance, but also loose and rooty surface. Oh, and do not forget the cherry on top – the weather which can really turn the race upside down. All this within a stone’s throw of European civilization – no need for traveling to remote lands.


That is our recipe for satisfying the wildest MTB cravings. If you happen to feel the lust for doing something completely different on your bike – something that is wild, unique and in a way extreme – we’ve got the solution. It doesn’t matter if you want to add new race to your trophy case, move your biking skills to the next level, prepare yourself for XCM World Championships – Beskidy MTB Trophy is a race for you!