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Four seasons

The dust after the Beskidy MTB Trophy 2018 has settled, or more precisely has been washed away by the heavy rainfall that “invaded” Istebna on the last day of the race.
The weather was certainly one of the main characters of the 12th edition of our race. Naturally the first thing that comes to one's mind is the cancelled stage 4 (the first time in 12-year history!). We’ll keep emphasising that this was a really hard decision to make. Nevertheless your health and wellbeing will always be the priority, and the conditions encountered on that day in the mountains would put any emergency actions at big risk. The bright sight of this situation was a great support and understanding showed by the majority of riders.
Three days that you have spent in Beskidy, was probably the most diverse days in which we have organised this race. Ever! From tropical heats of the first stage, through the downpour and hailstorm on Rysianka, nice, race-friendly almost spring-like weather of day three, to the late autumn climate of the last day of the race. Although it was a shortened version of the Trophy, we’re certain that you had a chance to feel the real nature of Beskidy - unpredictable, wild, raw and through it unique, unmistakable and beautiful.

Our thoughts are now with the next edition of the race (and we hope yours are too!). Beskidy MTB Trophy #13 could suggest bad luck, but we strongly believe, that we have used its limits this year. In 2019 the race will be organised in mid-June sie the chances for capricious weather and unpleasant surprises, similar to the ones that we witnessed this year, will be minimised. While summer and the cycling season will be heading to the end, we are going to visit Istebna in search of new inspirations and new trails, that to this day has not been present in the race’s course. So expect some hot news about 13th Beskidy MTB Trophy around September.
Meanwhile, we want to invite all of you to Sudety for another epic MTB stage race - the Sudety MTB Challenge, that will take place 22-27th of July. Another 6 days of proper biking in real mountains!